Phyto-cosmetics: exotic or just natural?

For thousands of years in practice, the plants were only cosmetic and medicinal. From generation to generation have passed recipes and beauty secrets. The roots, leaves, plant flowers were the ancestors of modern shampoos and lotions. The specialists are increasingly returning to these sources, but a qualitatively new level. The phyto-cosmetics today is considered high quality natural cosmetics basis. The content of the extracts of herbs in it is about 70%. Their healing properties are amplified by artificial means. Chemistry is no longer in vogue and is not prestigious. So the word “phyto” on packages often provide absolute confidence in the brand and increase product sales. Cosmetic companies know that modern man craves natural literally. Relatively few companies involved in the production of real phyto-cosmetics. The most famous of them and those who do not require submission are Ives Rocher, Lierac, Darphin, Apotekker Scheller, Belnatur. Phyto-cosmetics is often called the future and cosmetics. Modern mass cosmetics contain ingredients only 2-3% actually are biologically active. Reconciling natural components with the latest advances in chemistry is the way to creating an ideal, 100% active cosmetics. If you are inspired by the idea of natural cosmetics, check out the list of most popular components that can help you in selecting the cream:

1. Apricot oil
Protects dry after washing, have antioxidant activity, protects the skin from the adverse environmental impacts.

2. Aloe
One of the most popular cosmetic ingredients. Possesses bactericidal properties and bacteria, moisturizes, removes inflammation effectively treat problem skin. (aliment anti cancer)

3. Jojoba
Moisturizes and soothes the skin, smooths wrinkles, makes skin smooth and supple.

4. St. John’s wort
It turns hypoallergenic antiseptic effect strengthens wounds see :, rejuvenates and enhances skin tone.

5. Marigold
Optimal tool for oily skin. Reduced excretion of fat, eliminates frustration. Effective ingredient for treating problem skin. Slows aging of the skin, strengthens capillaries, promotes cell regeneration.

6. Hipofae
Incorporates a unique complex of vitamins, biologically active elements acids. It is a powerful antioxidant and antiseptic. Saturate skin with vitamins, protects it from harmful radiation and it quickly recovering from burns and other injuries.

7. Chamomile
True source of health, beauty and youth. Exerts anti-inflammatory and antiseptic action, soothing, tension and peeling skin. Chamomile extract is applied in virtually any type of cosmetics – from toothpaste to tool against burns.

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